Information sought - Brief : Particulars of NSCs and KVPs issued in the name of the third party.

Information sought - Details : The Applicant filed an RTI application dt.28.3.08 with the CPIO, DoP, New Delhi in which he requested for information regarding NSCs and KVPs issued to Shri Sohan singh Sohan Pal or Shri Sohan Singh for the period Jan.1998 to Dec.2004 and value of NSC and KVP with their Nos. mean number of NSC and KVP and payment released on NSC and KVP with their amount at Jangpura PO New Delhi.

Action of the CPIO: The CPIO replied on 17.4.08 denying the information u/s 8(1)(e) of the RTI Act.

Appeal to the 1st Authority :  Not satisfied the Applicant filed an appeal dt.29.4.08 with the Appellate Authority to which the Appellate Authority replied on 29.5.08 upholding the decision of the CPIO.

Appeal to the 2nd Authority (CIC) :Not satisfied with the reply, the Applicant filed a second appeal dt.25.8.08 before CIC and CIC’s directed the CPIO to provide the information after obtaining the no objection letter from the applicant’s wife (nominee) vide letter dt.22.1.09.

Information sought again by the applicant : Still aggrieved, the Applicant filed an appeal dt.20.2.09 stating that information in regard of NSCs purchased in the year 2005 have not been mentioned. The Appellate Authority replied on 24.3.09 stating that information asked in the appeal is an additional matter which was not sought in the original application. Aggrieved at the denial, the Applicant filed a second appeal dt.16.6.09 before CIC.

Decision of the Bench (Mrs. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner)
The Respondent submitted that information sought by the Appellant was for the period 1998 to 2004 and that the same has been provided . He stated that in his first appeal the Appellant had requested for information about KVPs maturing in the year 2005. He stated that information could not be provided since there was a difficulty in understanding what exactly the Appellant was seeking as information about KVPs and NSCs bought in 1999 and maturing in 2005 was already provided to the Appellant . He stated that the Appellant had come to the Commission requesting for information regarding the NSC which the Applicant thinks is existing with maturity value of Rs.20000 in the year 2005. He further added that on receipt of copy of the second appeal, the matter was further looked into and it was found that there was no NSC issued or matured in the year 2005. This information was conveyed to the Appellant during the hearing. The Respondent also added that he would be willing to provide a affidavit to this effect. The Applicant also stated that he would be satisfied with the Certificate.
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CIC  -   DECISION NO CIC/AD/A/2009/000942 DATED 27.8.2009