CIC dropped penalty proceedings against the PIO as the enquiry details of lost RL were intimated

MRS. KRISHNA SHARMA filed her RTI application on 09.01.09 with the PIO / Department of post, Allahabad requesting for information related to his LIC No.2870 dated 25.10.08 which had matured who had been sent to her along with Post Office and who have received the same. On not receiving any reply from the PIO, the Applicant filed a Complaint before the CIC on 27.07.09. The Commission, vide its notice dated 30.9.09 directed the PIO to provide the information and also to respond to the showcause notice issued for the delay in furnishing the same, by 5 November, 2009.

2. The Bench of Mrs. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner scheduled the hearing for 13th November, 2009. Mr. Manu Bhai Sah, C.I. & CPIO represented the Public Authority. The Applicant was not present during the hearing.


The Commission received a letter dated 26.10.09 from the Post Office, Allahabad. The Respondent submitted that on 13.01.09 the Sr. Postmaster, Allahabad sent a letter to the Manager, LIC, Allahabad with a copy to the Complainant against her RTI application. The Respondent further stated that a letter dated 26.02.09 was again sent informing the Complainant that a search bill had been issued by the Sr. Post Master and that the article was traced till Allahabad PO after which the article got lost.. On 17.09.09 the Applicant was provided with the necessary form to be duly filled in for claiming compensation as per Rules. The Respondent also informed the Commission that action has been taken against the officer who was responsible for the lapse. The Respondent further added that the LIC had issued a duplicate cheque to the Complainant for Rs.20,000/- on 29.05.09. The Commission while holding that the available information has been provided to the Appellant and that the Appellant’s grievance seems to have been redressed, directs the PIO to send a copy of the Enquiry report to the Complainant by 10the December, 2009. On review of the explanation to the showcause notice for the delay in furnishing of information, the same was found to be reasonable and accordingly the Commission drops the penalty proceedings against the PIO.

CIC/AD/C/2009/000746 Dated 13th November, 2009