Xerox opy of definition of Preliminary enquiry and disciplinary enquiry to be given to the petiontioner.

Shri Brijesh Kumar Shukla filed an RTI application dt.29.8.08 with the CPIO, DoP, Sasaram. He wanted to know what is meant by preliminary inquiry and the disciplinary inquiry. On not receiving any reply, he filed an appeal dt.20.2.09 with the Appellate Authority. Still not receiving any reply, he filed a complaint dt.14.5..09 before CIC. The Commission vide its order of even No. dt.30.9.09 directed the respondents to provide the information to the applicant by 30.10.09 and also to send explanation in writing to the Commission for the delay in supply of information by 5.11.09.

The Bench of Mrs. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner, scheduled the hearing on November 20, 2009. Shri Jitendra Singh, CPIO represented the Public Authority. The Applicant was not present during the hearing.


After hearing the Respondent , the Commission holds that while information sought is not available in records with the Public Authority, the definitions are available in the CCS(CCA) rules which are available on the website. The Respondent may provide a photocopy of the relevant pages of the rules to the Complainant by 25 December, 2009.

Decision No CIC/AD/C/2009/000599 dated 19.11.2009