Penalty proceedings against the CPIO, Dept. of Posts, Faizabad dropped by the Commission on hearing the explanation

The Commission gave the CPIO, Department of Posts, O/o Sr.Supdt. of Post Offices, Faizabad Division, Faizabad one more chance to appear for a hearing before the Commission along with his explanation to the show cause notice on 1.2.2010 at 11.45 am.

The Bench of Mrs. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner, scheduled the hearing for February 1, 2010. Shri Dharmender Kumar Khatri, SDI(S) Akb, represented the Public Authority.


Vide his rejoinder dt.29.1.10, the CPIO submitted that the information sought by the Appellant in his RTI application dated 15.1.09 was provided on 17.2.09 point wise. He further added that in response to the Appellant’s second appeal dt.26.2.09, further point wise information was provided on 17.3.09 and another appeal dt.28.4.09 was also responded to on 10.6.09

The Commission on review of the explanation provided holds that information has been provided on time and drops the penalty proceedings against the PIO.

CIC Decision No http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/AD-01022010-02.pdf dated 1.2.2010